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   Digital Radiation Treatment      Hardware Development
     -- City Public Traffic One-card-for-all System
   -- City Street Lamp Remote Control System
   -- LED Outdoor Color Screen Display System
   -- LED Indoor Screen Display System
   -- Attendance Record Management System
   -- POS System
   -- Entrance Guard System
   Software Development      One-card-for-all

   -- International air cargo transportation management system
   -- Hospital comprehensive information management system
   -- IC card tax affairs system
   -- City Public Traffic One-card-for-all System
   -- Attendance Record Management System
   -- POS System
   -- Entrance Guard System
   Data Processing      Virtual Reality

   -- We can fulfill the Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese entry with high quality and fast speed.
   -- The products have earned the trust of customers from USA, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.
   -- 3D web pages
   -- Interactive VR program
   -- electronic guide
   -- online gallery
   -- electronic library
   -- online pleasure ground
   -- online exhibition
   -- electronic building show
   -- urban planning

   System Integration
   -- Computer-based network software/hardware integration
   -- structural comprehensive wiring technology
   -- community intelligence technology
   -- broad band connecting technology
   -- video technology, cable TV and broadcasting monitor technology
   -- The design and construction of AVAYA, PANDUIT, AMP, MOD-TAP’s comprehensive wiring system.

Dalian Modern High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.
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FAX     : 86-411-39721266       P.C.    : 116025
E-mail : [email protected]
Add     : No.51 Xinda Street, Qixianling Industrial Base,Hi-tech
              Zone ,Dalian, China

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